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William Ryan Fritch’s gorgeous new album ‘Emptied Animal’ was released today.  For a limited time stream it in full above.  Like what you hear, please support Fritch by buying the release.  Available worldwide through our shop at Bandcamp.

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You’ve heard the original version, now here is the acoustic version.  Also featured on the album Emptied Animal from William Ryan Fritch

One of the biggest tunes from upcoming William Ryan Fritch album, “Our Unsettled Shapes” premiered today on Bandcamp’s Weekly Radio Show.  Have a listen and grab a copy of the album here 

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Lost Tribe Sound is very proud to announce their third release of 2014, Leave Me Like You Found Me, a new full length album from composer/multi-instrumentalist William Ryan Fritch.

Known primarily for his critically acclaimed work as a film composer (Independent Spirit Award winning documentary The Waiting Room, Myth of The American Sleepover etc.) and for his contemporary classical/experimental recordings as Vieo Abiungo, Fritch has furthered the focused, singular sound of his latest EP Emptied Animal and produced a remarkably cohesive LP of lucid melodies and commandingly blunt rhythms.

The inspiration and namesake for the album was Adele Romanski’s unflinching character study of former lovers unable to free themselves from the burden of their shared history. These songs, dressed in the loaded and nostalgic warmth of magnetic tape, cull sounds from the canon of classic rock, deconstructing and repurposing them into anthems of euphoric selective memory. Where the emotional residue outlasts it’s derivatives.

Leave Me delivers rapturous melodic outbursts, expressive arrangements, Fritch’s magnificent arsenal of acoustic instrumentation, and the familiar, comforting sounds of vintage rock music refracted through the prism of modern classical sensibilities. It is lyrical yet wordless; lush, but never soft. Deliberate, yet unbound.

Those lucky enough to get a physical copy will be treated to deluxe packaging featuring the work of renowned visual artist João Ruas, a 14 song mini-album on a download card with half an hour of brand new original music unavailable anywhere else, and a double-sided card print of original artwork from William Ryan Fritch and Jamie Mills.

William Ryan Fritch:
João Ruas:
Jamie Mills:

- Glass Mastered CD housed in a panoramic 7” x 5” heavy stock, reverse printed case.
- Featuring artwork throughout by world renowned Brazilian artist/illustrator João Raus.
- 14 Song Mini-Album on a download card, containing 28 minutes of original music not
found on the CD. (For CD Only Purchases)
- Double-sided Art Card Print featuring original artwork from William Ryan Fritch and Jamie Mills.
- Limited to 450 copies for the world.

Track list:
1. A Still Turning Point in this World
2. Sun on Cold Skin
3. With the Winds Against Us
4. Coursing Through Veins
5. Half Awake in Slow Motion
6. Weightless
7. Tangled Together
8. Empty Upon Impact
9. Bind and Unbind
10. Leave Me Like You Found Me

The first soundtrack of the William Ryan Fritch - Leave Me Sessions Subscription Series is set to release to all subscribers on Sunday April 13th, 2014.  

Fritch’s soundtrack for The Old Believers documentary is a tiny masterpiece and the perfect amuse bouche for the upcoming Emptied Animal album.  The documentary short tells the story of a group of Russian Orthodox Christians who are attempting to preserve their 17th century way of life in 21st century America. 

We’ve set up a preview page for the Old Believer Soundtrack above. The download will come with a 320 MP3, or 24 bit FLAC option.  We hope you enjoy it!

Make sure you get your copy of The Old Believer’s Soundtrack by subscribing at, Bandcamp  or Lost Tribe Sound 

Thanks for listening and the support!

First time ever, listen to the full album preview clips for William Ryan Fritch’s upcoming Emptied Animal coming April 22nd, 2014.  It is a heavy hitting, thick beast of an album, with Fritch pulling few punches.  Strap in and enjoy, you wont be disappointed!

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Emptied Animal, the debut release from William Ryan Fritch, is an overture to the surrealist Psych-folk of his upcoming LP Leave Me Like You Found Me. This 10 song EP, full of more music and ideas than most long playing records, is comprised of five new songs featuring his honeyed, expressive vocals over bold, panoramic orchestration and five equally sumptuous and engaging instrumental tracks all showcasing a unique sense of orchestration and texture. The breadth and scope of this album’s instrumentation and arrangement belie the seemingly incomprehensible fact that every sound was played live, recorded, and mixed by Fritch in his home studio. The breadth and scope of this album’s instrumentation and arrangement belie the seemingly incomprehensible fact that every sound was played live, recorded, and mixed by Fritch in his home studio. and arrangement belie the seemingly incomprehensible fact that every sound was played live, recorded, and mixed by Fritch in his home studio.

After more than a decade of slowly refining and honing his DIY, no budget, maximalist aesthetic, Emptied Animal with it’s new, evocative sound palette is a statement piece for a solo artist who has continually strived to make music larger than his modest means. Those who purchase the physical album will receive four exclusive bonus tracks derived from the Leave Me Like You Found Me sessions. Artwork by world renowned artist/illustrator Joao Ruas

Track List:
1. Late Blooms
2. I Am Your Bread
3. Our Unsettled Shapes
4. In A Tame World
5. Late Blooms (Instrumental)
6. I Am Your Bread (Instrumental)
7. Our Unsettled Shapes (Instrumental)
8. In A Tame World (Instrumental)
9. Low Expectations
10. Late Blooms (Acoustic)

Mini EP Track List:
1. Loose Limbed
2. Time Walks On Crooked Legs
3. Her Warmth
4. The Bones and Ghosts

The electro-acoustic master, Aaron Martin has an incredible new release, Chapel Floor out now on Sonic Meditations.  It recaps some raw acoustic live performances of existing songs for the Netherlands DWAR radio station as well as seven brand new songs original to the album.

We’d be hard pressed to find a more raw, organic display of mulit-instrumentalism anywhere.  Aaron Martin’s cello moans with a purity few cellists allow from their instrument.  You can give us this over any pre-packaged, rounded off, over-compressed cello any day.

Highly Recommended!

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